Create Light

…stay as light and unburdened as possible…
-Elizabeth Gilbert

How does one stay “light and unburdened”? For some of us, this may not be a challenge. I’ve heard that there are some people in this world that wake up smiling. I don’t know of any. Okay, maybe my mom wakes up full of light.

Me? Nope. The moment I reach consciousness, demanding thoughts swirl around in my head space. I have this internal taskmaster that starts to dole out chores and responsibilities before my feet hit the ground, and then I have this part of me that whines about having to do all of those things. I’ve found that there is an art to practicing living a “light and unburdened” life. Key words here are “art” and “practicing”. Here are some of the things I create light and freedom in my life:

  • Say thanks often
  • Pause and meditate
  • Move this body in ways that feel good
  • Cuddle with a loved one and/or animal
  • Give and receive hugs
  • Take a walk

What are some of the ways you create light?

Create or Not Create: Life Still Happens

“The work wants to be made, and it wants to be made through you”. -Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert writes in her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear about a Creative Force that is imbued in everything and in us. It is the Big Magic behind sunsets, puppies, works of art, folding laundry and making love. It is swirling around and through, inviting us to be noticed and intentional. This Creative Force wants us to be its form and has infinite ways of showing up. What wants to be created through you?