Create Light

…stay as light and unburdened as possible…
-Elizabeth Gilbert

How does one stay “light and unburdened”? For some of us, this may not be a challenge. I’ve heard that there are some people in this world that wake up smiling. I don’t know of any. Okay, maybe my mom wakes up full of light.

Me? Nope. The moment I reach consciousness, demanding thoughts swirl around in my head space. I have this internal taskmaster that starts to dole out chores and responsibilities before my feet hit the ground, and then I have this part of me that whines about having to do all of those things. I’ve found that there is an art to practicing living a “light and unburdened” life. Key words here are “art” and “practicing”. Here are some of the things I create light and freedom in my life:

  • Say thanks often
  • Pause and meditate
  • Move this body in ways that feel good
  • Cuddle with a loved one and/or animal
  • Give and receive hugs
  • Take a walk

What are some of the ways you create light?

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